3 steps to discover your talent stack

Originally coined by Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic), the idea of a "talent stack" is that you can combine ordinary skills until you have enough of the right kind to be extraordinary.

Read the "What will you learn?" section to find out more.

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    Yishan Chan

    Host of the "Build Your Talent Stack" Podcast

    Who am I?

    I started my career feeling like I needed to fit in. Now I shape my own career opportunities.

    Together with my podcast guests, we explore creative ways to learn and shape a career that brings out your zone of genius.

    What will you learn?

    You’re probably wondering... is my talent stack just a list of skills stacked up together? How do I summarise my diverse experiences in a concise way that communicates value?

    I wanted to expand on Scott Adams's definition of a talent stack, to help you:

    • Describe how you add value with your talent stack
    • Identify what further learning you might like to consider to diversify your skillset & make an impact on the future you envision.